Added on March 29, 2023

DRP Studio is excited to announce the production of the latest episode of its popular series, “The Man from Oghuz,” titled “The Judgment.” The episode features our hero, a young warrior from Oghuz, who has been captured by the city guards for allegedly violating the law. He is brought to powerful and smart judge. Our hero must now find a way out of jail and clear his name in the face of mounting evidence against him.

Directed by Murad Aliyev and written by Murad Aliyev and Aydin Salimov, “The Judgment” promises to be an action-packed episode, filled with suspense and thrilling fight scenes. DRP Studio has once again raised the bar with stunning visual effects, a gripping storyline, and powerful performances from the cast.

“We are excited to announce ‘The Man from Oghuz: The Judgment’,” said director Murad Aliyev, “Our hero’s journey that started in first episode, ‘By The Fire’, continues in this episode, taking the viewers on a new thrilling adventure.”

“The Man from Oghuz: The Judgment” is currently in production and is expected to be released in December 2023. The film will be created using the latest technology of Unreal Engine 5 combined with state-of-the-art body and facial motion capture, which will allow for unprecedented levels of realism and detail in the animation and character movements.

Matt Curtis returns as the voice of the hero, bringing his distinctive voice and captivating performance to the role. Additional voices are provided by Dick Terhune, James Smillie, Allen Enlow, Don McDonald, and Josh Portillo, who bring depth and nuance to the supporting cast.

The film is funded in part by the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance, which has helped support the arts community and promote cultural diversity in the city.

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