Who are we?

DRP stands for DarkRoom Production. Created in the late 2000's by Murad and Aydin, DRP is an artistic name standing for free expression of moviemaking. We are individuals with no professional film education or affiliation, who love watching and making movies. All of us have different professions, such as finance or engineering, and basically devote our free time to filmmaking as a hobby that we love and cherish. For us, films are first of all an entertainment and then everything else.

What's the purpose of DRP?

The idea of creating a production company came out of “why can't we do it?" philosophy. We are the type of people who hates saying “might have, would have and could have". We are the people who take the matter in their hands, as we did with fulfilling our long-time goal of making movies. DRP serves as a tool to bring forward the ideas, to step out of clichés of big Hollywood studios and create something new, fresh, entertaining, and smart.

Is DRP an arthouse project?

Although most of the projects we are working and developing might fall into indie and/or arthouse category, we try not to define DRP as one. We believe that Hollywood formulas, though clichéd in many ways, are there because they work. Of the top movies we admire, there are classic arthouse ones and 100% Hollywood ones. We think movies are supposed to entertain, regardless of their style. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, where are trying to prove that there is arthouse in Hollywood and there is Hollywood in arthouse.

How can I join DRP?

If you love movies, you basically have passed the biggest test in joining DRP. We like individuals who are willing to participate in any of our projects, in any way. Or, better yet, who has a project of their own and is looking for like-minded people to bring it to life. If you think you are the person who can be a part of DRP, make sure you let us know.